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  Lovers’ Scrapbook  
Bahram Saleki
The Moraqqa-e-Janan ( Lovers’ Scrapbook ),
is another collection of Bahram Saleki’s works consisting of 100 pieces including different works in Calligraphy, Painting, Miniature, Illumination and Painting-Calligraphy, inspired from the mystical themes of the poets such as Hafiz, Rumi, Shakespeare, William Blake, Lord Byron and from Islamic thoughts. The first part of this collection including 50 pieces has been compeleted upto now.
The Moraqqa is a piece of textile made of various colorful patches of material sewn together as a whole, but in an ancient art concerning book decoration it is a volume of a book which includes various art forms created by a handful of craftsmen like painters and calligraphers.
Through Islamic Arts history there can be seen a good variety of scrapbooks among which is one called The Golshan oraqqa from Safavid era.
The collection of Moraqqa-e-Janan (Lovers' Scrapbook) includes artworks from calligraphy and illumination to painting, miniature and painting-calligraphy created in 100 tableau of Moraqqa. They consist of mystique contents related to or belonging to the oriental and occidental scholars, inspired by the mystical themes of the poets such as Hafiz, Rumi, Shakespeare, William Blake, William Wordsworth, and Dante Alighieri and by Islamic thoughts.

In this collection, the author has tried to collect a valuable anthology of spiritualist thoughts on a single subject through the world to show that apart from some differences and discrepancies among human beings and human cultures there are uniform feelings about creation, the Creator, love and passion. As Hafiz has noted in one of his priceless verses;
The Turkish and the Arabic languages are the same one. So tell the story of Love in whichever language you are familiar with.
The first part of this collection including 60 pieces has been completed up to now by the contemporary artist Baharam Salaki.