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  The Aqiq Qur'an  
  About the Kufi script  

The Kufi script is the most beautiful Isla[mic script. Muslim calligraphers have frequently utilised various versions of this script, either in decorative or in scribal forms, in their everlasting work they have left behind. The Kufi is definitely the most aristocratic script in the Islamic culture, and the nearest one to the time of Wahy. This well-founded script has been utilised in all kinds of art work such as illumination, calligraphy, architecture, ceramic and pottery, etching, loom work, xylography, and other Islamic art work. This tremendous adaptability is one of the important characteristics of this script.

Bahram Saleki
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Major calligraphers enthusiastically carried through the task of scribing Words of the Almighty Allah, utilising various Kufi scripts to about 7th century Hijri. They dedicated their utmost talents to add to the beauty of this Heavenly Book, to the point that, today, their multifarious unparalleled work is the grace of the most distinguished museums in the world. However, this script was gradually abolished by other scripts, for the publication of all Divine Books, and was preserved strictly for titles, headings, and frieze calligraphy. This was due to the elongated characters of the Kufi scrip, slowing down the process of publication, and increasing the volume of paper in a book. This was a legitimate reason for shelving the Kufi script before the age of paper and print industries. With the latest developments in paper and print technologies, however, we can revive this noble script Throughout the process of gilding (illumination) a coat of proof gold has been used as a background, and a film of clear tea mucilage as a secondary layer. This technique has produced a very special glitter to the colours in the Aqiq Qur'an. About 700 grams of pure fined gold have been used for the script and decoration of this work (one-thirtieth of the Glorious Qur'an).

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