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  Bahram Saleki  
Bahram Saleki

Was born in Tehran in 1336 S.H. (1957); a confirmed descendant of culture and art. Hisfather was an expert antiquarian, and her mother was fond of the art of painting. He lost his father when he was still a child. Upon this great loss, his memory from his father was a world of marvel, beauty, and infatuation toward what was left from his father. This was basically a box full of books, some with as shiny covers as china, plus plenty of miniatures, paintings and other antique collections, all kept tidy in the box room. Little Bahra[m was immensely captivated by what his father had left behind.

He was only five when his paintings were changing hands. His mother says: "He was talented since childhood! At two, he had an unbelievable control in self behaviour. The entire household material was tempting for a little child as creative and as seeking as Bahram. But he behaved like grown ups. He was quite careful. I soon understood that he appreciated the value of antique objects around, out of my attention towards them.

He was studying in Naqqash bashi school of Irfan , before he switched to a vocational school in Tehran to study the art of lithography for four year. He then worked on "electricity" at Tehran vocational college. At sixteen, upon completing this technical course, he found a great zeal to enter the world of literature. This ardency took him to a prominent ustad , the late Dr. Yadullah Shukri, of the correspondence university of Tehran. He took the most advantage of this professor and anxiously learned fundamentals of literature, and details of the works of great poems such as Hafiz, Sanai, and attar. At the High Academy of Cinema and Television, he naturally chose "electronics". But left it unfinished in six months time, switching to "cinema, photography, and graphics". He studied them all and continued with "graphics" at the University's Art Complex.

Without loosing any opportunity, he constantly painted all along. He was an unremitting art designer, thinking about new types of work all the time. He studies the ingredient objects of his work such as paper, colour, gold, and a host of other things. He recites Hafiz, and learns Irfan, goes everywhere, works here and there, and his work is well received. He worked, as a graphic designer, with one of the weekly's in Tehran, painted for children and youth television programs, joined the Surush foundation, and finally accepted tutorship at the Radio and Television College in 1361 S.H. (1982). During this time he was also busy creating miniatures, in a style stemming from the famous works of the Qajar period, promising a new phenomenon in the world of fine arts. The virtuosi were all expecting him to glitter sooner or later. It was about this time that he married an angel-natured young lady.

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